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The «Bike Beats» bike trails are the newest cycling trails designed specifically for bicycles. These are flow country trails, smooth and fast, suitable for MTB, enduro and E-MTB. The tracks are in beaten earth and sand, for enjoyable and perfect downhill cycling in all weather conditions.




Bike Beats - Movimënt Alta Badia Trails are divided into 3 levels of difficulty:


TRAIL VËRT - easy - 1.5 km - 142 m downhill

TRAIL BLÈ - medium/easy - 2,0 km - 283 m downhill

TRAIL CÖC - medium/expert - 1,3 km - 142 m downhill




The trail starting point is located upstream of the Piz Sorega cable car station in San Cassiano. Along the trails, depending on the difficulty you will find elements such as north shores, bumps and jumps of varying difficulty.

Deep in the woods of Alta Badia, the Bike Beats Trails are designed for the enjoyment of all cyclists, from the most experienced, to those who want to approach the biking and downhill world a little at a time.

Bike Beats
Bike Beats